Sunday, 20 January 2013

I'm building grav-tanks from old computer mice. I'm quite happy with the results so far.

Space Mercenaries
Rogue Trader in the Age of Internets.
Rogue Trader Scout
Post Apocalypse gangs

Rogue Trader.
Mutant Warlord
Warlord and bodyguard
Space Skaven
 Space Monkeys

Shanty Town

Survivalist convoy
 Some post-apocalypse scenery. Made with bits of plastic toys and trash.

I just realised it's been like five years the last time I updated this blog. Must be in part because for some time I tried to avoid my toy-soldiers to dedicate the little time I have to drawing and painting. That worked well for awhile but recently I got the lead miniatures-bug again. googling here and googling there, I stumbled on many nice blogs and I realised that my painted miniatures are not on my blog. Basically because I had forgotten I had a blog! About time to put my picture archive on here I would say.

Let's start with my old Sci-fi Germans. 
Darth Kraut
and count Ludo von Hasselhoff
Darth Kraut's Silberpfeil hotrod
and the Stosswagen troop transport