Tuesday 6 May 2014

Dervishes from the Outer Rim

So what have Baluchi Sufi Dervishes got to do with a powered armour suit. Good question. I'm not very sure myself yet. But imagine an Afghani dervish cult colonising a desert planet on the outskirts of human-space. Think Fremen, with a wink to Tusken Raiders.

They'd be muslims of course, but with their own particular interpretation. In the far future, with high tech equipment available but vowed to use only traditional weaponry. And Force Fields. From their hill fortresses they control their territory. But they do have suits of powered armour, vehicles, thopters or aeronefs and planetary defense lasers. But no A.I.'s, no androids. Androids are an insult, blasphemy, a parody of creation.
In times of war they could ally with scavvy desert nomads, native humanoid rodents, mutants and mercenaries.


phreedh said...

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area23 said...

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