Thursday, 8 June 2023

The Zeon Heresy

 It's been a while since I posted here. I didn't paint any miniatures until last week.
Since january though I have a sperate Instagram account (@ferenczminis) where I post stuff. Old stuff mostly, reposting pictures from the last fifteen years on this blog. I quite enjoy it especially because there's a direct connection with people I know from Frothers', Lead Adventure and Blogspot.

On to the miniatures!

Here are the Zaku power armoured suits of the separatist Zeon Marines.

Of course these are ancient Space Crusade marines. I suppose I traded them with my mate in middle school about 35 years ago. they're weird sculpts. I remember I didn't like them at all when the game was released. I much preferred the beakies and I didn't get this new design. months or a year later GW released the mark 6 marines by Jes Goodwin, concept art by John Blanche and after 2nd Ed 40K had the monopose marines based on the same idea.

The idea of using these colours of the bad guys from Gundam I only got some months ago. Being slightly taller, with helmets and shoulder pads quite different than the 2nd ed ones, these could easily be the troopers of a small separatist empire. Using the same STC designs but slightly modified. I already had painted some of the mark 6 ones in Goldrake colours and they could by perfect enemies. Man against Man, Marine against Marine. The Horus Heresy with Manga colours.

I also finished painting their enemies the Grendizer Marines. Boring as hell paint-by-numbers but strangely relaxing. With contrast paint it was quick enough.

I also rebased some old conversions tu use shocktroops with the Grendizers. West Wind german falschirmjager heads I painted many years ago. Space nazis like the Zeon baddies but from the other side.


Sunday, 9 October 2022

Complete Renegade Army

 Yesterday I completed my second 40K army this year.
Apparently on the 35th anniversary of the release of Rogue Trader.

A Chaos Renegade army from before the Realm of Chaos release.

All miniatures from before RoC. Even though I don't think there was any mention of the Night Lords until Epic Space Marine and RoC.

Overall this looks like an ordinary Imperial army: Space Marines, Imperial Army/Guard, mercenaries, a Navigator and even an Astropath.
We all know though the Night Lords are Chaos Renegades. Vile traitors. The allied ordinary humans probably don't have any clue of the mess they're in.

Some close ups of units I don't think I showed before.

A Navigator with bodyguard of elite Stormtroopers:

Two renegade marine psycho's.
Starting out as non-chaos renegades a few years ago I decided to re-paint them as Night Lords loonies. One is waving the original 'Lords banner from the Epic box art. Strong Batman and Hordak vibes.


Monday, 26 September 2022

Traitor Guard

 I repainted some of my old Imperial Army guys.
Rogue Trader miniatures before they were called Imperial Guard.

Five of them were already painted in 2016, after 25 years. I initially painted them as Starwars rebel pilots but I got bored with that. I decided to do the armour in black, to make them appear more menacing and generic.

The main reason to paint them like this is because I wanted an allied squad of renegade army men for my Night Lords. 
As with the marines I don't want them over the top chaotic with mutations but more first stage heretics instead. Rebels, insurgents, convinced they're doing the right thing. The mark of Chaos isn't clearly present yet.

At the same time I could use this squad with any other army or faction. Loyal, renegade or even alien.

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Rogue Trader Night Lords Armoured Support

I made some progress on my Night Lords platoon.

Here are three dreadnoughts. Bob Naismith sculpts for Mongoose's Starship Troopers game. Grizzly Suits, obviously based on the book's description of powered armour which inspired the whole idea of powered armour ànd dreadnoughts to begin with. One painted in Night Lords colours, the others generic. This way the team or singles can be used for different armies.

A converted toy tank. An old Starwars mini-rig from Kenner I got cheap on ebay. Inspired by an old photo in White Dwarf of the same toy converted into an Imperial tank. Again, no specific army markings.


A Siege Dreadnought. A straight repaint of a vinyl toy I bought years ago.
The legs and torso seem inspired by 2nd/3rd edition dreadnougts. So I had to get it when I saw it. A recent GW release of their Horus Heresy siege dread inspired me to paint it. More or less the right proportions to the old plastic marines.

 The toyline was Invizimals and the robot is called Vortex.


Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Marauder Platoon completed

 The basic Marauder platoon is more or less finished for now. 

First the second command group, Queen Selma and entourage.
In good pulpy 70's anime style, the queen is a blonde human woman commanding the blue aliens. 
An android bodyguard, a protocol droid and two minions.
The queens head is from a frostgrave kit while the alien grey head is from an old resin Fenryll miniature.

I repainted some of my old scratch build eldar grav tanks. The camo pattern was made using masking tape and dark grey and dark brown spraypaint. Afterwards I used red contrast paint over the original  pale green for a dirty, rusty effect.
Colours loosely inspired by Firefly Reavers of course.

Chaos and space-wolf decals and acrylic pens for the details. 
I only had satin/semi-gloss varnish so the are a bit too shiny at the moment.

So here's the entire army for now.
Note the queen's retinue is variable. Here she's accompanied by a hunter-alien and a renegade space marine officer.

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Space Marauders Platoon

 My Space Marauders warbands have grown into a platoon.

In the end I couldn't stop adding other characters either.
I have two full 10 men squads as posted before and two command groups of leaders with alien and android bodyguards. The second of which is still to be painted.
I included a Guyver from Em4 Miniatures and a Rogue Stars/Stargrave assassin.
I thought the old Chaos Marine had the right biomech look to join this band of pirate raiders.

The second command group will include a queen. I'm experimenting with different heads but I'm not convinced yet. 
I tried a new Dark Eldar helmet but it doesn't work. Ideally it would be a human head for a more 1970's Anime feel. Maybe Frostgrave or Stargrave plastics.

They'll be allied with the squad of Night Lords renegade marines.

I'd like to build airships like in Miyazaki's Laputa, Steampunk aeronefs, Starwars Skiffs. floating safari boats like in Jack Vance's Tschai. Thinks like that. Manga meets Space Romance

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

More Space Marauders

I made some more alien Space Marauders.
Old 3rd edition dark eldar with Oathmark elf heads.

They look a bit silly really but menacing all the same. I tried to make them like evil minions from 1940's pulp science fiction book covers, with bit of 1970's and '80's Japanese cartoons.
Cannon fodder, massing up in airship corridors like a Miyazaki film.