Thursday, 14 October 2021

Alien Marauders

 Many years ago I converted some of the 3rd edition 40K Dark Eldar.
I disliked the original designs but they came in the box so I had quite a few.

This was several years before the new versions by Jes Goodwin were released. Before facebook in fact, thinking of it. I remember I had a gallery on Displaced Miniatures where a crappy picture of these conversions unexpectedly reached several thousand visualisations. 

The idea was to make them look more menacing. A mix between Predator and Giger's Sil design from Species. Rogue Trader-esque Space elf raiders, or vampires, in chitinous carapace armour.  

This week I did them a little makeover. First I swapped some of the heads with Oathmark elven heads. Then all of them were roughly drybrushed with Wraithbone Contrast base colour. Then a dark brown mix of contrast paint resulting in a muted, slightly translucent effect.
Two guys have oddly coloured hair, blue and green for a bit of a Manga effect.

Monday, 11 October 2021

Renegade Space Marines

 It's been almost a year I posted something and two years anything Rogue Trader related.

Several years ago I got a box of used and assembled RTB01 Imperial Space Marines.
Most were more or less assembled as I would've done it. For a long time I wasn't sure how to paint them. I didn't care much about the classic chapters.

In the end though I decided to make them the renegade Night Lords.
Not in spiky Chaos style but old school Epic Space Marine Horus Heresy.

Psychopath fanatic Renegade Marines in standard imperial equipment.

I love the early Night Lords artwork on the Epic box. At the time their symbol looked suspiciously like a Batman sign. Obviously changed for I.P. issues...

The APC is a really crappy plastic tank. Made in China from the 1970's or '80's it looks. Got it in a bag with a jeep and loads of cops many years ago.

Friday, 25 December 2020

The Wild Hunt

I finally painted this Copplestone Santa Claus.
Here he is leading the Wild Hunt:


Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Brigand army

 I'm currently in quarantaine and for the first time since April I'm finding time and inspiration to paint.

I remembered I had some Spartacus miniatures. I got these on a whim years ago, only because they were conversions of Copplestone's Foundy romans and numidians. They're out of production now and anyway pretty dire castings. I tried to paint them as dark ages Scots or Irish with robbed bronze armour, to fit the other brigands.

The ancient german Witch fits in perfectly. Maybe she will be the necromancer to raise their allies from death.

My Chaos warriors got their leader. This is a Salute limited edition St. George miniature. A Copplestone sculpt so I had to fit him in somehow. He's bigger than the usual 28mm. More sized like a Grenadier barbarian, so that's what he is: an enormous barbarian warrior who got himself some fancy armour.

It's starting to be a nice little Oathmark army:

Hillmen Brigands against Uruk Hai

I also painted the Oathmark sorceror. A young Sauron, during the Second Age known as Annatar.
He looks more like Elric really, an albino elf wizard.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Bronze-Age brigands

I tried out a new techniche to paint old bronze.

These are a couple of the few Foundry ancient germans with helmets. They are evil brigands and grave-robbers. While situated in a dark ages setting I suppose the old Roman and celtic helmets and armour were taken from ancient burial mounds.
Allied with ghouls and possibly even revenant peat-bog bodies. I imagine them nasty bastards a bit like the barbarians in Moorcock's Corum.

Same thing with the beastman. The helmet, shoulderplates and jewelry are beaten bronze while the chainmail and axe are rusty iron, in ancient celtic fashion.


Saturday, 14 November 2020

Evil Undead

Amazingly a new post, first time since March.

Didn't do too much but enough to post. 

I finished my Dark Ages chaos warriors. Half of the group I did years ago, when Frostgrave came out. These are nine warriors in 11th century armour. Adding a leader it will be a perfect unit for Oathmark. Possibly chaos armour, grown into the bodies of these damned knights.

The idea is that in a setting with a 5th century dark age technological level, elves and dwarves have better armour. Resembling Norman armour more or less. At which point Chaos Warriors in magical chaos armour may have their entire body covered in chainmail.

 With a new Oathmark supplement released covering the Undead I dug up some old stuff and painted some new things.

And old Grenadier zombie barbarian makes a great Revenant King

But there's also old Slough Feg, an old Fantasy Forge miniature. It was supposed to be part of a Sla├Čne range that never got released. Available from North Star.

This morning I painted some maniac ghouls. All Citadel contrast paints as they are test models. I absolutely love the concept of ghouls. Insane, degenerate inbred cannibals. The concept of degenerate men seems to have been a trend in the early 20th century.

Lovecrafts ghouls, Edgar Rice Burroughs' apemen of Opar, Tolkien's orcs, Robert E. Howard's Bran Mok Morn Picts, Morlocks... In the end it seems they're all tapping from the same concept or metaphore implying moral degeneration leads to physical degeneration. Or uglyness and physical impurity is a sign of moral decline.

Something like that. In any case there aren't any ghoul miniatures that I really like. Believe me I've searched everywhere. So in the end I decided to settle with naked human fanatics. I'm a rather childish guy and the idea of hordes of naked men makes me laugh. These are test figures. For a full unit I will use Foundry naked Spartan hoplites, tribal africans and ancient germans. I tried to paint these as sickly and disgusting as possible.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Wights and Wraiths

I rebased these Undead for Oathmark on 25mm square bases (Renedra bases that come in the plastic goblin and elf box sets).
Figures are Grenadier Miniatures (Mirliton), by both Nick Lund and Bob Naismith, and painted as the Deadmen of Dunharrow.

Two Frostgrave wraiths painted as Ringwraiths. The winter costume implies they come from Angmar certainly.  

These orcs are 20mm. figures originally by Rebel Minis. I bought them years ago when the dollar was low and intercontinental postage from the US was still affordable.
I really like the old MERP vibe, straight from the Angus McBride paintings.