Wednesday 14 February 2024

Last War squads and personalities

 I finally painted these renegade Miniatures late war germans. I bought these Kevin Adams sculpts years ago.
Renegade suspended business a decade ago which is a big shame as Kev Adams did hundreds of historicals for them.

I also painted these Copplestone Turks.

The other five already go butchered some time ago as I bought them to convert them into German Freikorps, with press moulded pputty helmets. it didn't quite work out as I wished and the project got abandoned. The other day there was a discussion on LAF about the Dutch in a Weird War timeline, getting sucked into the war as the Doggerland raises from the sea. Effectively expanding the country's territory and the border with Germany.
I decided to go for it using germans with added breast pockets and French Adrian helmets. I found the old turks in a box and remembered Copplestone also did Chinese with adrian helmets so I'll get me a nice birthday gift.

Last weekend I painted this German armoured car driver with a Frostgrave bull terrier. His armour reminded me of german trench armour so it's perfect.

Wednesday 7 February 2024

The lady of Ypres

 I made a new, trench themed, photo backdrop.
The first test picture I did with this old GW banshee that I painted some years ago. The Lady of Ypres, a terrifying manifestation of the anger and despair and tens of thousands of dead soldiers on the Belgian front.

Contrast paint, Vallejo pale grey wash and white highligts.

I finished painting this Crimean War russian officer. Swapped heads with a plastic Oathmark elf head.

A revenant. An undead or half-dead type. He could even be a vampire but I don't think so.

I newly painted these mole men. 
With their weird snout they are actually star-nosed moles. "[...] a small semiaquatic mole found in moist, low elevation areas in the northern parts of North America." So it really doesn't make any sense at all to find these in the trenches of the Western Front. Unless your name is Jeff Bezos.
Clearly the picture must be from after April 1917.

Here a picture of the backdrop

Thursday 1 February 2024

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs.

An old walker from the great war, from Graven Images. I got this one from the late Jim Bowen himself, in 2008. Before smartphones and Facebook when we only had forums and yahoo-groups.

Never officially released and only 8 sets were ever cast.
It was part of the Weird War II Götterdammerung setting.

Sculpted by Mark Fuller I think, who did all the amazing Great War vehicles for 1st Corps miniatures.

Wednesday 31 January 2024

British Trench Raiders

 The first band of soldiers. Brigade Games miniatures from the US.

Sculpted by Mike "Artizan" Owen. I think the colours and leather jerkins are historically correct like this.

Very pale skin done with contrast paint and medium.

Captain and pug dog.

Thursday 25 January 2024

The Last War

 This week I'm going for Weid War 1. A Gothic Horror take on the Great War.

Forbidden Psalm: The Last War was released a while ago and it really triggered something I was experimenting with a decade or so ago when I made the command for Freikorps Rorschach and the Deutsche Archeologische Institut.

My idea was post-war revolution turmoil, trench wars in the collapsed Austro Hungarian empire, dimensional shamblers, ghouls, Ucrainian cannibals, occultists...

I understand the Last War is different. Like the film Deathwatch in overdrive. Eternal war in an infinite labyrinth of thousands of miles of nightmarish trenches. Gothic, grimdark setting with small bands of insane and mutated trench war veterans fighting each other and facing supernatural apparitions. 

I dug up this old conversion of an old Blood Bowl Starplayer with a Renegade Miniatures german head and gun. The Renegade germans were sculpted by Kevin Adams who of course did the original Blood Bowl and Warhammer orcs.

I really need to finish painting these Renegade Miniatures ' germans

An old Space Ork runt-bot becaomes a walking grenade launcher.

My unpainted gangs and apparitions for now.
Germans, British trench raiders, Russian revenants, a Trench Wolf, some ghouls and two Mole Men.

you can't do a trench war without barbed wire. No need for expensive GW products.
Get yerself some seal wire, or sealing wire.

Gaze into the Eye of hte Warp and Despair!

 I had a shortlived skaven mania a few weeks ago. I painted the ones shown here below and I stripped all my old original skaven of their 1990's paint jobs. I have enough to make a small chaos warband.

I want to paint them all like albino lab rats. Pink skin with white fur, including the snouts. Like the old Revenge of the Liche Master painting by John Blanche.


 Some weeks ago I painted these goblin and halforcs. After
my succesful experiment painting wolf pelt I wanted to see if it worked the same on cloaks.

I stripped and repainted this old Grenadier barbarian. A Fantasy Warriors miniature by Mark Copplestone painted as a half orc beastmaster of some sort. The werewolves got a touch-up too.

Goblin shaman with fox pelt.

Goblin shamans aren't real magicians. Their sorceror overlord would never tolerate that. 
Using smoke, pyrotechnics and hallucinogenic herbs they serve their goblin king. Pretending to be soothsayers they provide special effects to impress their subjects and help keep potential usurpers and other rivalling and over ambitious goblins in line.

Copplestone goblin for Oathmark.