Wednesday 18 June 2014

Mega tank

Some years ago I found this G.I Joe Armadillo Tank in a sale. A remake of the eighties toy released with the cinematic release. I bought it with the idea to eventually convert it.
I stripped all the extra parts and the turret, and glued various bits of ancient plastic fake lego.

A year ago I found a scanned picture on a blog of the very same tank featured in a Rogue Trader era White Dwarf. The other day I discovered that the same fake lego brick I used as the missile launcher battery was used with the original Whirlwind Rhino tank conversions of the late eighties!
The side sponsons look a bit shit as I had the bright idea to use uniposcas to paint the missiles which turned out a mess.

I saved the pic but forgot the blog I got the picture from:

1 comment:

Mr Papafakis said...

Lego, the toy that will last you a life time.

Nice conversion :)