Sunday 24 May 2015

Frostgrave Ruins and Henchmen

I finished my first ruins. I've been obsessed with encaustic tiles for months for my own house and it was only a matter of time to trickle into my miniatures projects...
I've found several designs that resembled snowflakes and I think it works great. Frostgrave is supposed to be a wizards' city, so elaborate designs would be common.
These ruins are extremely simple. Blocks of high density foam with a stone pattern carved in. A bit of sand, printed tiles and that's it.

I would love a box or two of plastic LotR Osgiliath ruins, but they are out of production! 
In the meantime I painted more warriors. These Evil Henchmen where originally intended as dark ages Chaos Warriors. I figured full body chainmail would be something only elves and chaos warriors would wear. I painted these as a team for the Lead Adventure Painters League. Crusader Miniatures' teutonic knights with headswaps:ancient german and saxon, and West Wind arthurian separate heads.


joe5mc said...

Loving those terrain pieces. They'll be perfect for the Frozen City.

area23 said...

Thanks! Glad you like them.