Sunday 2 August 2015

Frostgrave (Mordheim) Possessed

Frostgrave got released. Apparently it's quite a hit and all copies sold out. The book is very well produced and the miniatures are marvellous. The resin tokens that came with the Nickstarter are very nice as well.
I didn't sit still waiting for release in the meantime. I've been digging up many forgotten fantasy figs I had stored in boxes.
First of all I'm repurposing some old Mordheim gangs. When I that game was released in 1999, I cherry-picked quite some figures I  always had wanted ind ordered them through the local GW store. This possessed gang was one of the best efforts. The Chaos Sorceror magister is  the wizard of course. The possessed will subsitute soldiers after a succesful possession spell. Furthermore a knight, several soldiers and men-at-arms, a bowman while the boar counts as a dog.


 North Star has simultaneously released these two 'elementalists' in their Fantasy Worlds range. Sculpted by Mark Copplestone these are not an official Frostgrave release though. The similarities with Elsa and Anna from Frozen are striking I'd say. 

Last but not least some Heartbreaker dwarves and Crocodile Games' Yetis.

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