Sunday 18 October 2015

Genestealer Cockroach Cult

I'm working on my genestealer cult. I've decided for a cockroach theme. At first only because I thought it would be fitting. Lately though, a dose of Naked Lunch is creeping in. I'm referring of course to  Willian S. Burroughs cult novel and the film adaption by David Cronenberg. 

Mugwumps and insect typewriters are replaced by genestealers.
The hybrids will be painted like some nasty mix of human and insect, but still following the inspiration of the miniatures, the Navigators Guild from David Lynch's Dune film adaption.I'll post pictures when they are finished.

Enter Doctor Benway.
Doctor Benway, rogue surgeon, arms trader and Tox dealer. Shown here with his bodyguard of tox-heads.
This unscrupulous entrepreneur is suspected of illicit dealings with warlords, cartels, terrorists and religious sects.

I immagine tox to be a highly addictive sedative that, amongst other side effects, causes the  addicts body to slowly rot away.

Doctor Benway sells his services to the highest bidder and in this case he organized weapons and mercenaries for the genesteale cult. In some cases he may join battle if getting attacked while closing a deal or delivering goods.

One of the fascinating parts of genestealer cults is the Lovecraftian side of it. A hidden cosmic menace, masses of cultists ignorant of the true horror of their degenerate religion.
For cultists I probably opt for Spanish Civil War Moorish soldiers.
I think Morocccan warrriors fit the theme.  The cult's homeplanet Tishtrya IV being something between Tatooine and Tangiers.

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