Sunday 31 January 2016

Hard Suits

Some new stuff I painted this week. 
Here is Gerson Aziz, xenobiologist, encountering a sandworm.
A Cobalt-1 miniature without helmet and backpack. 
I've tried out classic astronaut colours, for a more civilian spacesuit look.
The sandworm is an old Trinity Battleground figure. 
Fortunately I got the miniature when they were released because they went out of production soon. 

A squad of renegade marines. I did these conversions many years ago but I only finished painting them this week. The heads of course are classic plastic Imperial Guard. The old Rogue Trader book had a detailed drawing of all components of a power armour suit. It suggested basically that the marine and guard helmets were the same.
From left to right: Morris, Robo, Chuck, Ginn and Dez.

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