Sunday 20 March 2016

Genestealer Cult II, "We foresee a slight problem on planet Tishtrya IV"

I'm finishing my Genestealer Cult after what could be more than fifteen years. The cockroach themed Purestrain genestealers and familiars I already painted last year.
The hybrids are all the Jes Goodwin sculpts, who were clearly innspired by both the Navigator Guild and Harkonnen costumes of  David Lynch's Dune film.
The Brood Brothers, infected human soldiers, with colours loosely based on the Nostromo crew's spacesuits from Alien.
The miniatures are Bob Naismith's Cobalt-1 security troops. Rogue Trader Redux Approved.
Much of the designs for Dune were done by the same people who did Alien, so it all makes sense.  
This group among whom Moebius and H.R. Giger, initially met thanks to Alejandro Jodorowski when they worked on his never released Dune film which could have been he most insane lysergic science fiction film ever made.
My army so far, still missing are inner-circle cultists which will  be Superfigs minions. In the back allied native ratmen scavengers.

(As a complete coincedence and to me by surprise, GW recently released new genestealer hybrids, something I didn't believe and had dismissed as wishful thinking by fanboys until a week before release.)

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demi_morgana said...

Great work!
Love minis choice and the group shot.
Genestealers are imo one of the most characterful "race" released ever, sadly to paint some I'll probably have to invest in new EE placcy stuff.