Sunday 29 May 2016

Planetary Governor Dick Ruff

Years ago I bought this old Warzone Capitol character figure. Sculpted by Mark Copplestone I wanted to mix him with my Future Wars.
The other day I found him agin in a box and it struck me he actually looked a bit like Donald Trump. I had to paint him immediately. Here's the result.
 Planetary Governor Dick Ruff, several hours before the assault on the Adeptus Mechanicus research station of Tishtrya IV, which caused the obliteration of the last known STC system of the Jarvis Cluster.
Shown here with a shady military advisor on the left, Dr. Benway on the right and two half-dead servitors in the back.

His army is composed of Plantery Defense Force troopers and private military contractors like these:
Here's a stock archive picture of donald trump I used for reference.

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