Saturday 11 February 2017

Tech Gang and Space Orks

I've been quite productive the last two months but I just completely forgot to update this blog.
Here's the finished core of my Tech Gang that I finished last december.
There are more gang members to be painted.

The newest member is this unsanctioned xenos. Dealing with aliens is a highly illegal activity. By allowing this ork technician in their midst the gang is taking a big risk.

Far from the underhive a tribe of orks are gathering. They have found human allies to better plan their invasion. The human advisor here is an old Foundry self portrait by Kevin Adams. He just had to be a leading figure in the ork army.
The creature on the left is a Vor growler pup.
Here's a tribal warrior with missile launcher, part of the mercenary/advisor team.

I bought some old Vor the Maelstrom Union soldiers to use as the mercenary squad. I think I'll paint them as the rebel troopers in Rogue One.


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