Sunday 18 November 2018

The Great Bubblegut

A little bit of Rogue Trader renegades and human reinforcements.
Here's the Great Unclean One known as the Great Bubblegut. The real power behind the renegade champion, Bubblegut's aim is to take over Tishtrya IV and destroy everything through corruption, decay and disease.

It's a classic daemon but after leaving it unpainted and trying different horns for years I decided it actually looks good and kind of disturbing with this plastic dark eldar helmet crest/mane. 

 Some generic cultists. This is a mix of humans muties and aliens.
Harlequin/Black Tree ghouls, North Star martians, Citadel halforcs (one K.O.-ed) and a Copplestone lady. The half naked african lady I had for ages but I had no use for it. In the end I decided the only plausible explanation for anyone going around naked like that would be adhering to a chaos cult. The daemon is Ral Partha, I think by Tom Meier.

This here is a techpriest. Orignially a space marine armour variant, or artifier armour. It's a Copplestone sculpt and the same height as the Imperial Guard.
I did some vehicles over the year that I didn't show.

Converted mouse, Penal Battalion APC:

Mantic Dropship with crew: 
work in progress Tau devilfish used as a human transport.
I really like the hard sci-fi design. I imagine this crewed by pirates, poachers and smugglers.


demi_morgana said...

Always loved that great unclean one model, well done.
Good idea with bran new haircut! :D

Skully said...

+1 for the haircut. Similarities with politicians are purely coincidental?