Sunday 8 September 2019

Green Men from the Woods

Twenty years ago, October 1999, Mordheim was released. Apart from the beautiful presentation and scenery featured in the rulebook and White Dwarf, I think it was especially the incredible suggestive artwork that recalled original Realm of Chaos illustrations, that totally turned me on.
At the time Mailorder bits service was still active and in Amsterdam were I lived at time a GW store had recently opened so I could buy anything through the store. 
I started designing warbands cherry-picking miniatures and components of old Realm of Chaos miniatures from the catalogues. 
One of the best attempts and one that I actually completed and painted are the Martikor's Green Men of the Woods.
I immagine this Possessed warband to be creatures tainted by warpstone in the woods around Mordheim, mutated all in green, furry monstrosities. 

Magister Martikor with familiar.

Two Darksouls. Shields from Bretonnian Green Knight.

Elfbane, brethren with bow with his wild boar

Brethren, or Beastmen.

Two Possessed. One based on a rat-ogre and the other a converted Manticore.

The whole warband.

Colin Dixon's original illustration.

Ian Miller's masterpiece.


Suber said...

Nice rendition of the original art, I really like them all!

Skully said...

Never heard of the green guys... superb concept for a warband!