Wednesday 4 March 2020

Grenadier Barbarians Starter Army

I had the chance to buy this wonderful original Grenadier box set. The Barbarians Starter Army.

I had seen the photograph of the back of the box before, in the unreleased Fantasy Warriors Campaign rules.
The interesting thing about this box are the uncatalogued characters that are included.
The Barbarian Giant with a head- and weapon variant (which was briefly re-released by Forlorn Hope some years ago) and a command group, still available through Battlefront Miniatures and Mirliton.
The box has no product code. The only thing that can be said at this moment is that the box has this colourprint wrap, similar to the Barbarian Battle Giant and the Killzone game box.
Grenadier UK at the time was investing in a better, glossy presentation of some products, just after the release of Fantasy Warriors. 
I don't know if starter army boxes for other races were released.  
It actually never occurred to me that the giant and characters were not catalogued at all. 
The inscriptions in the base say 1991, a year after the other barbarians. The musician/herald has a varation as cavalry while the banner bearer has a variation with a seperate, slightly different, banner pole.
I also  have a  variation of the barbarian King with a round 'character' base.



The entire set, a mix of miniatures from the blister packs. I have no idea if the contents were random warriors and archers or if every box was the same:

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