Tuesday 1 December 2020

Brigand army

 I'm currently in quarantaine and for the first time since April I'm finding time and inspiration to paint.

I remembered I had some Spartacus miniatures. I got these on a whim years ago, only because they were conversions of Copplestone's Foundy romans and numidians. They're out of production now and anyway pretty dire castings. I tried to paint them as dark ages Scots or Irish with robbed bronze armour, to fit the other brigands.

The ancient german Witch fits in perfectly. Maybe she will be the necromancer to raise their allies from death.

My Chaos warriors got their leader. This is a Salute limited edition St. George miniature. A Copplestone sculpt so I had to fit him in somehow. He's bigger than the usual 28mm. More sized like a Grenadier barbarian, so that's what he is: an enormous barbarian warrior who got himself some fancy armour.

It's starting to be a nice little Oathmark army:

Hillmen Brigands against Uruk Hai

I also painted the Oathmark sorceror. A young Sauron, during the Second Age known as Annatar.
He looks more like Elric really, an albino elf wizard.

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