Saturday 15 January 2022

Bronze Age

I've become a little obsessed with Bronze Age fantasy.
Not Glorantha exactly, neither Greek myth, but something based on what I have lying around.

Warhammer Ungor mostly, with a Chaos Warband made a couple of mixed 80's warhammer figs: A sorceror, Thugs, Savage Orcs, Barbarians, Chaos Dwarves and a Blood Bowl cheerleader turned Ungor lady.

I'll add Sea Peoples and north European bronze age from Foundry miniatures in the end. 

The Ungor I loved since they were released. I size and style they were much like 1980's Citadel miniatures.
The hoplite shields are old Marauder Miniatures plastic shields. saved them for thirty years and only painted them yesterday.
I decided for old bronze and avoid to try and paint colours on these.
with my new old bronze recipe and a slight higlight of actual bronze metallic paint I'm really happy with the result.

I see these figures Foundry figs as potential Chaos worshippers, Bronze Age chaos thugs and raiders. I particularly like the horned helmets of the Sherden, as if they dressed up as Ungor or lesser demons.



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