Thursday 25 January 2024

The Last War

 This week I'm going for Weid War 1. A Gothic Horror take on the Great War.

Forbidden Psalm: The Last War was released a while ago and it really triggered something I was experimenting with a decade or so ago when I made the command for Freikorps Rorschach and the Deutsche Archeologische Institut.

My idea was post-war revolution turmoil, trench wars in the collapsed Austro Hungarian empire, dimensional shamblers, ghouls, Ucrainian cannibals, occultists...

I understand the Last War is different. Like the film Deathwatch in overdrive. Eternal war in an infinite labyrinth of thousands of miles of nightmarish trenches. Gothic, grimdark setting with small bands of insane and mutated trench war veterans fighting each other and facing supernatural apparitions. 

I dug up this old conversion of an old Blood Bowl Starplayer with a Renegade Miniatures german head and gun. The Renegade germans were sculpted by Kevin Adams who of course did the original Blood Bowl and Warhammer orcs.

I really need to finish painting these Renegade Miniatures ' germans

An old Space Ork runt-bot becaomes a walking grenade launcher.

My unpainted gangs and apparitions for now.
Germans, British trench raiders, Russian revenants, a Trench Wolf, some ghouls and two Mole Men.

you can't do a trench war without barbed wire. No need for expensive GW products.
Get yerself some seal wire, or sealing wire.

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Oh, this is cool! More, please!!!