Wednesday 14 February 2024

Last War squads and personalities

 I finally painted these renegade Miniatures late war germans. I bought these Kevin Adams sculpts years ago.
Renegade suspended business a decade ago which is a big shame as Kev Adams did hundreds of historicals for them.

I also painted these Copplestone Turks.

The other five already go butchered some time ago as I bought them to convert them into German Freikorps, with press moulded pputty helmets. it didn't quite work out as I wished and the project got abandoned. The other day there was a discussion on LAF about the Dutch in a Weird War timeline, getting sucked into the war as the Doggerland raises from the sea. Effectively expanding the country's territory and the border with Germany.
I decided to go for it using germans with added breast pockets and French Adrian helmets. I found the old turks in a box and remembered Copplestone also did Chinese with adrian helmets so I'll get me a nice birthday gift.

Last weekend I painted this German armoured car driver with a Frostgrave bull terrier. His armour reminded me of german trench armour so it's perfect.