Saturday 10 March 2007


Lately I've been completely obsessed with the post-WW1 German revolution. I got this book from a friend (in Italian) written by contemporaries, "Rivoluzione e controrivoluzione in Germania 1918-1920" by Paul Frölich, Rudolf Lindau and others (Original title: Illustrierte Geschichte der Deutschen Revolution, 1929).
And I've been searching the net for pics. Which isn't that easy at all.
On miniature level I gave in and ordered a bunch of Brigade Games WW1 Germans, to build both Spartakists/ruhrarmee and Freikorps. For the council-revolutionaries quite some modelling will be necessary.


Motorway said...

Goegel es met Spartakisten en Berlin.

Unknown said...

North Stars "Great War" line would work very nicely as freikorps too. Add one of those Brigade Games Tanks: a Mk. 2 perhaps and you have them sorted.

Have you considered some German police? They'd be good for the force that crushed Hoelz.

Not so much Spartakist but RPG-ing some Dielo Trouda might make for some amusing Anarchist laughs.


Motorway said...

Hehe, glad I am not the only one here...

There are also some nice card models of ww1 stuff by a german guy called christian, he's on Displaced Miniatures.


marsattacks aka motorway

Unknown said...

Aha, I'd wondered who you were. Nice to meet you here.

Christian the Scrath Builder? He's fantastic, I love his stuff. He showed off a really nice castle recently: (didn't realise the link was that big...).


Motorway said...

:-) Never mind about Area, he probably lost his pass again...but he's a commie non-american pinko anyway

area23 said...

Howdy, thanx for the comments. I got huge problems logging in here to adjust and update the site.

area23 said...

Sooo, I hadn't even noticed you guys comments.
I love Scratch' Christian's stuff. I did a Ehrhardt car and plan to do the Berlin captured Mark IV form his plans. (the Brigade tanks are beautiful, but can't afford them..)

German Police I did consider. If I do, the Renegade Jaegers come closest if painted well. Unfortunately both packs have half with backpacks, which is unlikely for a copper to carry around.

On Dielo Trouda: No need to RPG-ing I did my part in horizontal organisation in real life and I'm well aware of the flaws of anarchism, or humanity in general. LOL! One day I want to do a small Makhnovist force though with Copplestone's cossacks.

Death to the Bolsheviks, long live the soviets! ;)

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see more of this project.

I too had some serious trouble with my blog when I started out, all that blasted gmail nonsense. Or maybe its just because I'm a pinko running dog.

Personally I find libertarianism a safer and more compelling philosophy than anarchism (and in many cases anarchism seems to have been hijacked by Socialists anyway- any mention of class war is anathema to my view of anarchism.)