Sunday 3 August 2014

Drums in the Deep

As was to be expected, I got distracted by something completely different. First of all I've been busy starting up a side activity of linoleum prints, but miniatures related I started collecting a long desired Kevin Adams only goblin army. Over the last decades the Great Goblin Master did many goblins for many companies and I decided I have to get them all. I already had three or four packs of Harlequin goblins I got at the time they were released. They were amazing already then, being the complete opposite of the 'Gummi Bear ogres' Kevin sculpted the last years at Games Workshop. Unfortunately I didn't get all of them. To complete my collection I will need to get them all as Black Tree Design remixed the packs.
Next in the army are a couple of Midlam goblin characters, very nicely done dungeon villains. I need to get some more. The mass of rank and file are the amazing Crooked Claw goblins. A really well done and expanding range. These are backed up by Mannequin's Shadow Goblins and some Hasslefree characters. I also got some Graven Images monsters: a pack of Ghouls and two packs of scarecrows.
Graven Images was a project of the late Jim Bowen. Most of the 36mm range were his own sculpts but at a certain point Kevin Adams was invited to add to the range doing his very personal From Beyond miniatures (now available from Crann Tara). The ghouls are enormous 36mm monsters. To use as great goblins or half-trolls perhaps. The scarecrows were based on the scary dolls Kevin made as a kid to scare the neightbours. The lesser scarecrows work great as a goblin shaman's animated creations. In the back, at last, are the chaos marauders: a motley crew of (Black Tree-) beastmen, barbarians and orcs, inspired by the classic John Blanche painting.

Next on the program are Black Hat night goblins, Heartbreaker characters, Alternative Armies rabble, Grendel's resin goblin rabble testudo, maybe some White Knight renaissance goblins for a Labyrinth touch and probably some others that I forgot.

At the same time, I got some plastic Reaper Bones figs to start a Heroquest game with my daughters. Who knows I can get them into Dungeon Crawling! The minis here were washed with Army Painter shade and a drop of soap. The girls can paint them if they want to and we have to built our own dungeon board using printed out scans of ye olde Citadel 'Dungeon Floor Plans'. 


Mikkel Nyboe said...

What a cool project! Being a fan of Kev Adams goblins myself I will follow this project with great interest and envy :)

Kaleb Hordes said...

This looks like it will be a ton of fun. Can you possibly add the follow button? So we can all keep coming back and getting envious? Thanks!