Saturday 8 November 2014

Venturing into the Dungeon

I played a game of Dungeon Venture with my daughters and it was great. The game is a Heroquest kind of boardgame. Very simple and elementary, but thats good. The players are represented by a group of four heroes: a barbarian, a thief, a wizard and a dwarf. if there are less than four players the characters get divided, which is great because this way you have NPC's or hirelings.
My little daughter didn't like the chainmail bikini barbarian pictured on the character sheet, which made me decide to change everything and use three Grenadier female characters and a duck, from Fenris Games.
The board was a standard set-up from the game, but instead of the original board I used WotC Dungeon Tiles I got off the Amazon Death Trap. I would have used the original Citadel Dungeon Floor Plans if I had them. Those had this special animated feature film kind of feel, not computer game graphics. I experimented a bit with some downloaded ones I printed (used in the pictures)but it didn't really work.
I used Reaper bones and Fenris furniture and the doors are from Thomarillion.
Then there were the monsters. The scenario was a story about the lair of an ogre terrorizing the local village. there was a room with Kobolds and the last room had the ogre and his orc guards. I also changed this in tiny 15mm lizardmen from Ral Partha Europe.

The orcs were substituted by a Great Goblin (36mm From Beyond ghoul) and his goblin guards (Harlequin and Midlam). All by Kevin Adams.
The game went great, me being the dungeon master. I didn't read the rules that well so there was a bit of confusion, but it worked anyway.
The girls loved it and after slaying the ogre and goblins, they wanted to go on so I improvised another door leading to a pool and a jail with a captive wizard guarded by evil saracens (Foundry). 

Then everybody got bored, so we didn't even get to the evil sorcerors laboratory, so that will be another story!

As you may have noticed, none of the mini's are painted, unfortunately I have little time. But I think a bit of white spray paint and, if possible, a dip works well enough to be playable.

All miniatures involved were sculpted by Kevin Adams and Mark Copplestone.

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