Sunday 29 October 2017


It's Orktober and I've been painting!

These are the orksies I have painted over the last years
I finally painted this monstrous painboy. One of my favorites, looking much more savage than other orks. Stripped and repainted several times but this time I'm quite happy.
Next is Bubbles, the mad bolshevik Bloodaxe boy, here with a new piece of scenery or objective marker, a pink flamingo.
 The old Warphead, another I've had great difficulty with in the past to find the right colour combinations.
At last some old plastic orks. GW has come a long way whith their plastics, it has to be said. 
I painted these very fast. All together with the same colours in a few hours, as I actually never liked them at all. Still pure nostalgia in this case though. The bodies are original that came with my battlewagon. I couldn't even be bothered to strip them. The heads and arms are from an unused lot I got last year which is why they look so fresh and new. Drastic Plastic cannon-fodder!

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Suber said...

Oi! These are good indeed! I pretty much like the skin colour and the overall vibe of all of them :)