Sunday 5 November 2017

The Empire of Man

Okay, back to Mankind. Back to a forgotten desert planet on the very fringes of the Imperium of Man. 
Here's an Imperial Guard Jetbike. Lowriding as I don't see these things flying in the air unless they're assaulting.
Here a few righteous Imperial citizens of the Western Fringe Puritan Shrine.
A subhuman Squat space dwarf. This is a Wessex Panzerfauste dwarf from their WW2 fantasy line. I tried to paint him not like a german soldier but more colourful likethe old illustrations of squats.
In progress a gang of miners or smugglers. Two guys in civilian power armour. Armed with autoguns and pistols. I even used a RTB01 space marine head which is more or less equally sized as the Mordheim and Sentinel driver heads.
And old White Dwarf cover I'll loosely use as a starting point for my Imperial Guard platoon in progress.



Suber said...

Absolutely fantastic, what's not to love about these? Tons on flavour in each one.

area23 said...

thanks mate!

Josh Page said...

Its my first time visiting this blog and I have to say its bloody fantastic! Great work.

Skully said...

Love the imperial citizens!