Tuesday 27 August 2019

Dark Fantasy Warriors

If you've read my other posts on this blog you may have noticed I've been a big Copplestone fan for many years. I loved his 40K and Bloodbowl miniatures at the time but when his Future Warriors were released I was just blown away.

When Mark Copplestone left Citadel around 1990, he joined Grenadier and sculpted many of the hot new Fantasy Warriors line. Interestingly his style became much more realistic compared to say, his earlier Bloodbowl players and Chaos Warriors, while Citadel entered the crude and chunky Red Period.

Recent chats and various blogs about Blanchitsu, grimdark Mordheim and AoS28, reminded me I still had some unpainted Fighting Men that could be darkened up.
These were the Grenadier equivalent of Warhammer Empire or Bretonnia. In reality they are historical Wars of the Roses miniatures.
Funny thing is there were no lush magazine pictures of painted examples around at the time.These Fighting Men were nice but boring I always thought.
Retrofitting grimdark Blanche-esque neogothic techniques kind of changes everything.

I did  a deep red armour with contrast paint to approach old school chaos warriors or a vampire lord.

 Evil Jeanne Le Noir is a Bob Naismith sculpt.
For the rusty armour I've been trying out GW contrast medium mixed with pigment rich Vallejo military paints. a drybush with gun metal  and a second layer of medium with black paint. A final  higlight of silver and a bit of rust paint on the swords.

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