Tuesday 6 August 2019

The Western Lands

It must be the heat, but I'm totally into Dracula's America western stuff. Not just dusty Sergio Leone imagery but also Acid Westerns like Jodorowsky's El Topo and Dead Man by Jim Jarmush. I should watch Blueberry too again, actually. I vaguely remember it was pretty good.
I settled for "the Western Lands" as a working title for this project, after the W.S. Burroughs novel.

In any case I've been painting more miniatures the last few days. 

This is King Rat. Sculpted by Mark Copplestone in the early 2000's I think. Based on the title character of China Mieville's book but in victorian dress. I imagine King Rat has crossed the Atlantic from England to America to track down Count Dracula for revenge or to settle an old debt. Taking out any vampire, necromancer or harbringer on his path.

I absolutely love this sculpt. It's a bit bigger than the usual 28mm miniature but just look at his face:

Following are these two zombies. On the left 'Dead' Iggy Jenko. On the right an old Grenadier 'Fantasy Classics' zombie Copplestone sculpt.

Iggy is done with a black undercoat, highlighted with GW Wraitbone and painted with Contrast paint.
The coat became a bit grimdark Blanchitsu in the process.

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Suber said...

Wow, the King Rat is particularly spectacular! :O