Sunday 25 September 2016

Confrontation Tech Gang

In the year 1990 a series of articles were published in White Dwarf, introducing a semi-roleplay style game of gang warfare in the far future, Confrontation.
The game was never officially published but the setting later evolved into the Necromunda game.
Only a few miniatures got released and a few more got cast but were only available to some staff.

One of the available gangs I always loved was the Tech Gang. Working class cybernetics tecnicians running amok in the underhive. 
I believe they were among the last sculpts Mark Copplestone did for Games Workshop,  before he left and did the groundbreaking Future  Warriors range for Grenadier UK.

The designs were based on John Blache's sketches (see below) but have a lot of details that became trademark Copplestone. What we have here though are Cyber-skinheads with rayban shades and Doc Martens boots. Adorned with implants, bits of hardware, respirators and power tools.
Both the leader and another ganger have 'Dune' style nose-plug repirators, like the John Blanche painting below. The others have more traditional gasmasks connected to a repirator with a tube. One has a backpack with power drill and another two gas bottles and a blowtorch braser or cutter.

Some of Mark Copplestone's Future Warriors

Its not class or ideology, colour creed or roots, the only thing that unites us, is Doctor Martens boots.

Oddly I can't seem to find any studio painted tech gangers. Only the two used here as tyranid brood brothers, or the later sculpts by Roy Eastland.

David Lynch's Dune rendition apparently had a huge influence on John Blanche's concepts.
The sketches are interesting, I did some high-rez scans from one of the  White Dwarf articles, to make out what is written. These five seem to be the sketches that Copplestone actually based his miniatures on.

It's interesting to  read that tech gangs wear white overalls.  I'm still not sure what colours to paint them. Yellow is too much Bond villain minion for me, orange looks like convicts. white is for laboratory scientists and grey could make them look like electricians or hardware store employees. I think I will settle for blue with orange details. Like Nasa overalls, or this space-suit.


Whiskey Priest said...

What are you going to use for arms? I'm eyeing up the new neophytes box. It may be the answer to our prayers!

area23 said...

I've got one pair of original plastic arms. I ordered some arms from Victoria Miniatures which I hope will work. The Neophytes are very interesting looking, especially because they have nothing gothic about them.

Mr Papafakis said...

Wow! He turned up fast! :)

Glad you managed to finish of the gang. I'm looking forward to seeing them all painted up.

Cheers :)