Sunday 18 September 2016

Da Kaptin's Log

I got a bit carried away lately and started to buy used toy soldiers on ebay. Something I have always tried to avoid.
I joined a Kickstarter campaign, another thing I've always tried to avoid, for new Kevin Adams'space orks and from there I also needed some original,  pre-plastic arms, orks. The ones with the flak-pad armour. 
I'm particularly happy with these two orks. With the huamn caucasian skin and stubbles and the seventies orange space suit I managed to break with the traditional 'Eavy Metal green orks in red armour.

I found a die cast Lancia armoured car and converted it into a battlewagon.

Some years ago Dr.the Viking showed an ork grav tank he built on LAF and his blog. Some months later I found exactly the same shampoo bottle on the beach (with labels written in cyrillic!) and later I even found the same espresso machine caps so I had to do the same grav tank.

More to come in the near future..

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The Composer said...

Your orks look fabulous. I don't know that I ever would have thought to do them like that, but it's darn interesting. The idea of somewhat more human orks as a sort of rebellious biker/punk underclass has a certain appeal to it. And you've painted them very very well. Also, love the grav-tank. That's old school.