Sunday 18 September 2016

Imperial personalities

I've been painting random Rogue Trader miniatures sculpted by Mark Copplestone. This is a space marine scout. I always thought they were pretty weird, especially compared to the later Goodwin scouts.
The other day I figured the strange padded armour and the mohawks could actually look very good painted a bit like the Harkonnen troops in Lynch's Dune film.

Here's a commissar fig. I always loved the models but I don't care about the commissar background. Besisdes you wouldn't need a dozen different figs. So I'm painting them all differently. This one in German uniform from the Great War.

Next up are a squad or half platoon of these Imperial Guard figures. A Planetary Defense Force or a lost squad in the underhive. The latter for a parallel Confrontion project-
-namely a Tech Gang that should arrive in the mail soon, reinforced by these characters amongst others. Possibly also the scout above as an A.W.O.L. maniac marine.
And last, but not least, the what I call Second Wave Copplestone marines, i.e. the Death Eagles, marines with terminator honours and some characters.

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Suber said...

Interesting choice of minis, looking forward to seeing them painted.