Monday 26 September 2022

Traitor Guard

 I repainted some of my old Imperial Army guys.
Rogue Trader miniatures before they were called Imperial Guard.

Five of them were already painted in 2016, after 25 years. I initially painted them as Starwars rebel pilots but I got bored with that. I decided to do the armour in black, to make them appear more menacing and generic.

The main reason to paint them like this is because I wanted an allied squad of renegade army men for my Night Lords. 
As with the marines I don't want them over the top chaotic with mutations but more first stage heretics instead. Rebels, insurgents, convinced they're doing the right thing. The mark of Chaos isn't clearly present yet.

At the same time I could use this squad with any other army or faction. Loyal, renegade or even alien.


Suber said...

Wow, the color choice is great, that orange/black combo looks awesome, I may be forced to copy that!! :D

area23 said...

Thanks. It's loosely based on something I vaguely recall from the new Starwars flicks.
I was tempted to do red instead of orange, like Khorne cultists or the gangster in the Force Awakens, but I figured I'd better keep them more generic.