Sunday, 29 April 2007

In the meantime...

Extremely hectic times! My second daughter was born some days ago. Fortunately she seems extremely quiet compared to our first, so I have some time left to waste online (though that may be very different tomorrow).

A friends husband got his bachelor on a thesis on the 3d International. From a bolshie perspective I believe.
Copplestone bolsheviks were the right gift for him, and I took the opportunity to order some german officers and mercenaries and russian partizans for my own Spartakist project.

Okay, I admit, I gave him the figs because it was an excuse for me to order some figs I really needed!

Anyway some work in progress pics are in my Displaced Gallery.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Die ganze Macht den Raten!

The Brigade Games' figs arrived (and a bunch of Renegade too). They're damn fine figs. For the revolutionaries I got german sailors and german askaris in shapeless hats, the latter to convert into armed Berlin citizens. Not easy but the first attempts look promising. What's really missing is soldiers in long coats and field caps. Some options are available but inevitably for conversions though. For the Freikorps I use plain German stormtroopers.

I found out why I had difficulty logging in to adjust this blog, so that is solved now.
I also updated my Displaced Gallery with a some of the first of my 'Great War Fiction' project.
I think the Spartakist stuff will be added in this gallery.