Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Chaos Warriors

I had this fancy to do some Mordheim warbands using only Grenadier Fantasy Warriors humans.
So I was sifting through a load of old mediaeval and fantasy miniatures and I stumbled on this Blood Bowl starplayer. Continuing my rusty grimdark experiments I made it into some sort of an iron golem (not to be confused with those new GW Warcry plastics, I mean an actual golem or automaton).

 I'm quite happy with the results, but something went completely wrong: I became obsessed with Mark Copplestone's early Chaos Warriors. Back in 1989/1990 I thought these were crude compared to Jes Goodwin's but now I actually prefer them.
Someone on the FB oldhammer trading company offered some of them which I couldn't refuse. Then I started asking and searching ebay and now I'm expecting a bunch of overpriced metals to join these guys.
For as far as I can tell the folowing warriors and champions were done by Copplestone. Warrior with massive mace is uncatalogued.
Warrior ten actually has a hound/wolf shaped helmet. Something I never would've guessed from these pictures. 
Note that these have all similar codes in the Blue catalogue, while Goodwin and earlier warriors have different initial numbers.