Sunday, 24 September 2017

Tech-Priest, Chaos Renegade and More!

I've been really busy this last week and quite satisfied with the results.
First of all, here's my new Tech-Priest. Its an old artificer-armour marine (formerly known as armour variants). By Copplestone of course.
Back in the days the only Tech-Priests were the Bob Olley ones, but they didn't match the style of the rest of the Imperial Guard. 
Only twentyfive years later I figured this marine could do the job.

This miniature, based on an illustration in Rogue Trader, has the eagle with a human skull icon as shoulder pads, marking him clearly a Marine. But I figured these could be honour badges of some kind, while the man himself is just a normal human being. He does have the size of a standard human. The guy is a bit more tech and not gothic, fitting the direction I want to go with my Guard, allied with Tech gang hive militia.
His main job is maintaining the penal legion and detonating human bombs.

Next is a very old-chool Chaos Renegade. The miniature is from Space Crusade, the Milton Bradley boardgame.  I painted him with Vallejo Black Glaze mixed with green ink, over a grey undercoat. I think  it worked quite well for the original Renegade Giger-esque bio-mech look.

I got carried away with another side project, the Space Bastards. An initiative from the esteemed gentlemen on the Emporium of Rogue Dreams.  These are left-behind space marines. Psychotic fighting machines as in the book, but reduced to warlords, mercenaries and pirates (and ninjas! and lasers!). Some use broken down equipment and gear. 
I succumbed and got myself a bunch of second hand RTB01 beakie space marines. Here converted with Grenadier barbarian torsos and Kalashnikovs from the Assault Group. 
These guys realy dig the Bee Gees.

 "...We drink and rob and rhyme and pillage!"

Last but not least a new pic of a conversion from some years ago. The underhive miner is of course a plastic terminator stripped from it's skulls and baroque goth brooha.
The head is  a ball bearing with sculpted details while the screw is from an ancient Playmobil spaceman powertool.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Brony "the Unicorn" Rabban

Here a quick and dirty conversion I did the other day. The unicorn beastmen head I had lying around for ages. For reasons forgotten in the mists of time, I completely dismembered this beastman miniature only to leave the parts for years and years, doing absolutely nothing with them.
I should have worked on the hair, sculpted it a bit around, but I wanted to finish it immediately.
Kind of works with the emo bobline. Photographing white is difficult and the picture is a bit crap.

This is Brony "the Unicorn" Rabban, infamous underhive mutie.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mutie Scum

Here's a new converted miniature. A mutant bomb. An old concept from the times of the original Genestealer Cult armylist.
This one is for my tech gang though, or the Planetary Defense Force's penal battalion. 
The body is the old IG human bomb with a head from a Grenadier barbarian. The claw is from an old Blood Bowl starplayer. I had this claw lying around for ages as I cut up the poor sod before the dawn of the internet. Finally found a good use for this all-Copplestone mutie bastard (except for the arms of course, which are Mordheim human and skaven arms).
Dud Samsa, mutant bomb. (Evil Eye, Furry, Razor Sharp Claws) Dud the mutie initially got equipped and sold by the local tech collective. The client returned him after he failed to explode and miraculously survived a military operation. Now he's a border guard on the outskirts of Tech territory.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Congregation Voodoo Queen

As it happens one or two times a year, I got sidetracked by a new project. This time it's Dracula's America. An Old West Gothic Horror skirmish game released by Osprey with miniatures by North Star. Miniatures by Mark Copplestone and Mike Owen that is. Just as the Rogue Star game last year and Frostgrave before, I'm basically in it for the miniatures. Copplestone did some amazing vampires and voodoo cultists. The latter are called the Congregation in the game.
I'll probably never play it but that doesn't matter. I finlly found a way to repurpose some Foundry Darkest Africa miniatures I had lying around for ages.
Here's the Voodoo Queen with her following.

I also bought some Foundry Old West miniatures. Who would've thought. I really never cared at all for cowboys and indians and the only western movies I like for more than the soundtrack are Dead Man and El Topo. Return to Cold Mountain isn't bad either.

That said Vampires, zombies and voodoo cultists are pretty cool.
Here's a mexican vampire ready to waste a drunk moonshiner
I also found a purpose for this great Bob Murch Ghast from the RafM Chtulhu range.
A Wendigo, an evil man-eating spirit from native american myth.
The parallels between Lovecraft's ghouls and ghasts and indian wendigo are actually amazing. More or less the same thing really.
I even made some scenery, two (of three-) abandoned slave cabins on a devastated plantation. The hide-out of the Congregation guerillas. I'm very happy with the result but it really took a long time to built, cutting out all these pieces of cardstock. Boring!
Next (hopefully) another cabin, a big barn for the voodoo celebrations (with all the symbols painted on floor and walls) and maybe a burned down plantation house.