Sunday, 29 March 2020

Wights and Wraiths

I rebased these Undead for Oathmark on 25mm square bases (Renedra bases that come in the plastic goblin and elf box sets).
Figures are Grenadier Miniatures (Mirliton), by both Nick Lund and Bob Naismith, and painted as the Deadmen of Dunharrow.

Two Frostgrave wraiths painted as Ringwraiths. The winter costume implies they come from Angmar certainly.  

These orcs are 20mm. figures originally by Rebel Minis. I bought them years ago when the dollar was low and intercontinental postage from the US was still affordable.
I really like the old MERP vibe, straight from the Angus McBride paintings.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Grenadier Orcs and Goblins

The country has been shut down.  Coronavirus lockdown. Curfew. Were not supposed to go outside if not for a good reason. Most shops are closed apart from those that provide basic needs.

So what better to do than paint some old Nick Lund orcs and goblins I've been keeping in boxes for  like thirty years?
A Gundabad Orc banner bearer. Black undercoat, a second white 'zenithal' spray and GW contrast paint.

A Gundabad goblin king or chieftain with bodyguard. Interesting how Grenadier orcs differed from goblins in appearance but not necessarily in size.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Grenadier Barbarians Starter Army

I had the chance to buy this wonderful original Grenadier box set. The Barbarians Starter Army.

I had seen the photograph of the back of the box before, in the unreleased Fantasy Warriors Campaign rules.
The interesting thing about this box are the uncatalogued characters that are included.
The Barbarian Giant with a head- and weapon variant (which was briefly re-released by Forlorn Hope some years ago) and a command group, still available through Battlefront Miniatures and Mirliton.
The box has no product code. The only thing that can be said at this moment is that the box has this colourprint wrap, similar to the Barbarian Battle Giant and the Killzone game box.
Grenadier UK at the time was investing in a better, glossy presentation of some products, just after the release of Fantasy Warriors. 
I don't know if starter army boxes for other races were released.  
It actually never occurred to me that the giant and characters were not catalogued at all. 
The inscriptions in the base say 1991, a year after the other barbarians. The musician/herald has a varation as cavalry while the banner bearer has a variation with a seperate, slightly different, banner pole.
I also  have a  variation of the barbarian King with a round 'character' base.



The entire set, a mix of miniatures from the blister packs. I have no idea if the contents were random warriors and archers or if every box was the same:

Thursday, 27 February 2020


A quick post, mostly to link the pictures elsewhere.
The recent Oathmark dwarves go very well with the old plastic Fantasy Warriors dwarves.
The new Renedra moving trays are pretty cool too. I'm resurrecting my old Ancient Germans project with it.

In the meantime I've been doing very little. Real Life and all that.  

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Chaos Warriors

I had this fancy to do some Mordheim warbands using only Grenadier Fantasy Warriors humans.
So I was sifting through a load of old mediaeval and fantasy miniatures and I stumbled on this Blood Bowl starplayer. Continuing my rusty grimdark experiments I made it into some sort of an iron golem (not to be confused with those new GW Warcry plastics, I mean an actual golem or automaton).

 I'm quite happy with the results, but something went completely wrong: I became obsessed with Mark Copplestone's early Chaos Warriors. Back in 1989/1990 I thought these were crude compared to Jes Goodwin's but now I actually prefer them.
Someone on the FB oldhammer trading company offered some of them which I couldn't refuse. Then I started asking and searching ebay and now I'm expecting a bunch of overpriced metals to join these guys.
For as far as I can tell the folowing warriors and champions were done by Copplestone. Warrior with massive mace is uncatalogued.
Warrior ten actually has a hound/wolf shaped helmet. Something I never would've guessed from these pictures. 
Note that these have all similar codes in the Blue catalogue, while Goodwin and earlier warriors have different initial numbers.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Green Men from the Woods

Twenty years ago, October 1999, Mordheim was released. Apart from the beautiful presentation and scenery featured in the rulebook and White Dwarf, I think it was especially the incredible suggestive artwork that recalled original Realm of Chaos illustrations, that totally turned me on.
At the time Mailorder bits service was still active and in Amsterdam were I lived at time a GW store had recently opened so I could buy anything through the store. 
I started designing warbands cherry-picking miniatures and components of old Realm of Chaos miniatures from the catalogues. 
One of the best attempts and one that I actually completed and painted are the Martikor's Green Men of the Woods.
I immagine this Possessed warband to be creatures tainted by warpstone in the woods around Mordheim, mutated all in green, furry monstrosities. 

Magister Martikor with familiar.

Two Darksouls. Shields from Bretonnian Green Knight.

Elfbane, brethren with bow with his wild boar

Brethren, or Beastmen.

Two Possessed. One based on a rat-ogre and the other a converted Manticore.

The whole warband.

Colin Dixon's original illustration.

Ian Miller's masterpiece.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Little Prick the wizard

The other day I stumbled on these two wizards I painted several years ago when Frostgrave was released. Somehow I never showed them here.
Little Prick the wizard and his apprentice, Warwick W. Widget.

Any similarity of the halfling with Willow, George Lucas' 80's fantasy movie lead character, is purely coincedental. 

Willow was played by Warwick Davis of course, who also played Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi.  My first Starwars action figure, incidentally. For mysterious reasons he was called Wicket W. Warrick on the Kenner Toys blister pack.

Don't know about you guys, but I thought it was so funny to call the halfling like this, it had me giggle for days.

I'll be rationing my blog posts the coming months because this year's edition of the Lead Painters League is coming up. This means I will be painting teams that will not be shown before published on the Lead Adventure Forum for the contest.  

EDIT: I dug up my old Mordheim buildings and scenery from 1999. Touched them up a bit with spraycans and contrast paint.