Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Marauder Platoon completed

 The basic Marauder platoon is more or less finished for now. 

First the second command group, Queen Selma and entourage.
In good pulpy 70's anime style, the queen is a blonde human woman commanding the blue aliens. 
An android bodyguard, a protocol droid and two minions.
The queens head is from a frostgrave kit while the alien grey head is from an old resin Fenryll miniature.

I repainted some of my old scratch build eldar grav tanks. The camo pattern was made using masking tape and dark grey and dark brown spraypaint. Afterwards I used red contrast paint over the original  pale green for a dirty, rusty effect.
Colours loosely inspired by Firefly Reavers of course.

Chaos and space-wolf decals and acrylic pens for the details. 
I only had satin/semi-gloss varnish so the are a bit too shiny at the moment.

So here's the entire army for now.
Note the queen's retinue is variable. Here she's accompanied by a hunter-alien and a renegade space marine officer.

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Space Marauders Platoon

 My Space Marauders warbands have grown into a platoon.

In the end I couldn't stop adding other characters either.
I have two full 10 men squads as posted before and two command groups of leaders with alien and android bodyguards. The second of which is still to be painted.
I included a Guyver from Em4 Miniatures and a Rogue Stars/Stargrave assassin.
I thought the old Chaos Marine had the right biomech look to join this band of pirate raiders.

The second command group will include a queen. I'm experimenting with different heads but I'm not convinced yet. 
I tried a new Dark Eldar helmet but it doesn't work. Ideally it would be a human head for a more 1970's Anime feel. Maybe Frostgrave or Stargrave plastics.

They'll be allied with the squad of Night Lords renegade marines.

I'd like to build airships like in Miyazaki's Laputa, Steampunk aeronefs, Starwars Skiffs. floating safari boats like in Jack Vance's Tschai. Thinks like that. Manga meets Space Romance

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

More Space Marauders

I made some more alien Space Marauders.
Old 3rd edition dark eldar with Oathmark elf heads.

They look a bit silly really but menacing all the same. I tried to make them like evil minions from 1940's pulp science fiction book covers, with bit of 1970's and '80's Japanese cartoons.
Cannon fodder, massing up in airship corridors like a Miyazaki film.

Saturday, 15 January 2022

Bronze Age

I've become a little obsessed with Bronze Age fantasy.
Not Glorantha exactly, neither Greek myth, but something based on what I have lying around.

Warhammer Ungor mostly, with a Chaos Warband made a couple of mixed 80's warhammer figs: A sorceror, Thugs, Savage Orcs, Barbarians, Chaos Dwarves and a Blood Bowl cheerleader turned Ungor lady.

I'll add Sea Peoples and north European bronze age from Foundry miniatures in the end. 

The Ungor I loved since they were released. I size and style they were much like 1980's Citadel miniatures.
The hoplite shields are old Marauder Miniatures plastic shields. saved them for thirty years and only painted them yesterday.
I decided for old bronze and avoid to try and paint colours on these.
with my new old bronze recipe and a slight higlight of actual bronze metallic paint I'm really happy with the result.

I see these figures Foundry figs as potential Chaos worshippers, Bronze Age chaos thugs and raiders. I particularly like the horned helmets of the Sherden, as if they dressed up as Ungor or lesser demons.



Thursday, 14 October 2021

Alien Marauders

 Many years ago I converted some of the 3rd edition 40K Dark Eldar.
I disliked the original designs but they came in the box so I had quite a few.

This was several years before the new versions by Jes Goodwin were released. Before facebook in fact, thinking of it. I remember I had a gallery on Displaced Miniatures where a crappy picture of these conversions unexpectedly reached several thousand visualisations. 

The idea was to make them look more menacing. A mix between Predator and Giger's Sil design from Species. Rogue Trader-esque Space elf raiders, or vampires, in chitinous carapace armour.  

This week I did them a little makeover. First I swapped some of the heads with Oathmark elven heads. Then all of them were roughly drybrushed with Wraithbone Contrast base colour. Then a dark brown mix of contrast paint resulting in a muted, slightly translucent effect.
Two guys have oddly coloured hair, blue and green for a bit of a Manga effect.

Monday, 11 October 2021

Renegade Space Marines

 It's been almost a year I posted something and two years anything Rogue Trader related.

Several years ago I got a box of used and assembled RTB01 Imperial Space Marines.
Most were more or less assembled as I would've done it. For a long time I wasn't sure how to paint them. I didn't care much about the classic chapters.

In the end though I decided to make them the renegade Night Lords.
Not in spiky Chaos style but old school Epic Space Marine Horus Heresy.

Psychopath fanatic Renegade Marines in standard imperial equipment.

I love the early Night Lords artwork on the Epic box. At the time their symbol looked suspiciously like a Batman sign. Obviously changed for I.P. issues...

The APC is a really crappy plastic tank. Made in China from the 1970's or '80's it looks. Got it in a bag with a jeep and loads of cops many years ago.

Friday, 25 December 2020

The Wild Hunt

I finally painted this Copplestone Santa Claus.
Here he is leading the Wild Hunt: