Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Medieval Tiles

Places like the Lead Adventure Forum or the Frostgrave facebook group are good for something. They definately help create a fantastic community. The main reason I put my tile designs here on this blog was because of all the positive reactions. A couple of weeks ago I was made aware of medieval north-european tiles. A subject matter I had always completely ignored! As usual it took a few days to sink in but at a certain point the designs reappeared at random in my google image searches. Apparently my algorythmic metadata got somehow teleported into the V.A.L.I.S. mainframe and I found even more nice pics. 
In the end I found a suitable picture to do my trick and I made this:

Not bad at all. But way to symmetric.The arches and the faces pop out in an unnatural way so I mirrored some parts and covered some other parts. The end result is this: 

And a quick frosty blue version which I haven't printed yet.

Feel free to save and print them out if you like them.

I also did a little bit of modelling these days. After a few evenings of desperate searching in various boxes with old lead I found one of each Mordheim hairy head to make this little nordic band. It works quite well even though the Frostgrave bodies are slightly smaller than the old Mordheim ones.