Monday, 15 June 2015

Graven Images Late Romans

A small unit of late Romans. Unreleased models by Jim Bowen for Graven Images.  
These are rather big 30mm miniatures and fit very nicely with my Grenadier barbarians. Which is more or less what I hoped they were as I want to use them both as roman saxon foederati and LotR warriors of Arnor and as such the bodyguard of my Copplestone Gandalf, an equally big miniature.
I do hope these will get an official release eventually. Apparently there are sculpts of early saxons and franks as well. I absolutely love these  miniatures.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

skulls and bones

Today some undead skeletons, stalking the ruins of Frostgrave. These are Grenadier walking dead done by Copplestone. They look like they came from an exotic southern land, with ancient Libyan or tribal Carthagene haircuts and interesting designs of the swords. I believe this little range were among the last Fantasy Warriors released by Grenadier before they closed and in fact you will not find them in any catalogue. They came with slot bases. [edit: I got these from Mirliton, who  stil sells them]

I also found this nerdy t-shirt in my closet. By Johnny 'Prison Pit' Ryan from a few years ago. To get in the mood.