Sunday 10 May 2015

Frostgrave warbands

I've been rather obsessed lately with the upcoming Frostgrave game. A Northstar/Osprey production. I admit I actually don't know anything about the game apart that it's about about rivalling wizards and their henchmen searching for treasures and battling in the ruins of an ancient snow covered stone city. Mordheim meets Osgiliath. Open air dungeoncrawl in the snow. The game will be released with bunch of very nice miniatures. Six or seven of them are by Mark Copplestone. I accidently saw some previews on google one friday night and I instantly was hooked. I dug up some of my old Grenadier and Copplestone miniatures and started selecting my warbands. 
Most Grenadier barbarians are half-naked, but I selected the ones covered with furs.

I've seen a pic of two frostgrave wizards with a Copplestone evil snowman. It reminded me I had a pack of unpainted inuit.

So here is my inuit snow-seer:

I imagine he went down to the frozen city with a war party to recover some ancient magical artifact.

The snow seer's apprentice:

and two henchmen:

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