Sunday 27 December 2015

Grav tanks, Hoverers and Rust

The social media are great for the instant gratification of sharing pictures anc collecting likes, but then the pics get lost in that mire of visual overload. For that I'd better put the last months' photo's together.
Here are a few pics of several little projects I've been working on:

Another grav tank built from a mouse.
 A desert skiff, made with a mouse and a plastic tray.
Rusty scenery for Dogtown, a hive of scum and villany on the outskirts of the space-port city of Oltremare on Tishtya IV.
"This is Cuckoo, amusement park renegade with attitude. Originally he was a purple bear named Bubbo, but lost his head during the attack of the Deadbuggers gang. He grabbed the head of Mr. Eagle and became the infamous Cuckoo."
Cultist murder junkies looking for thrills in the night
 and two new pictures of old miniatures: Darth Kraut and a young insurgent moisture farmer

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Pimpcron said...

These are awesome! Keep it up.