Friday 4 May 2018

Forces are gathering

It has been a while since I updated this blog, but I didn't sit still.
First is old Gollum, a Harlequin figure.
I really like this fig. He's holding a dead rabbit in his left hand, not visible in the picture. I opted for a dark skin as described by Tolkien and not the pale cave-creature as most of us imagine him, especially after the Peter Jackson films.

Here are some Rohan footsoldiers. A garrison at the Fords of Isen or a small settlement. Foundry ancient germanic tribesmen and Crusader late romans with West-Wind Saxon heads. I discovered Little Big Man shield transfers and must say they are fantastic. Very good quality of the print and transfer material. Other transfers are rom Schildschmiede in Germany who do specific Rohan horseriders, or 'pferdeherren', waterslide transfers

I got one Wargames Factory plastic orc sprue and used the heads with the new Oathmark orcs. I think it works great. They look like the Angus Mcbride paintings for the MERP RPG.

I finally decided how to do half-orcs, or goblin men. I'm going to use Crusader Normans. They wear long mail coats and carry axes. Armed by Saruman they don't look like classic orcs. 
For Dunlendings I had already decided for Varangians and Irish axemen but I only painted them this week. The guy in the middle is a half orc, a beard-less Varangian model.

I found my old Rackham 'Fomors' and tried to paint one like a wingless Balrog. The scult was obviously inspired by the Newline balrog. It kind of works, apart from the crypto-celtic decorated armour.


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