Monday 17 June 2019


After keeping them in a box for 26 years (I think that's how long ago 40k 2nd ed. was released) I managed to paint these monopose space marines. 
These were painted with the new GW contrast paints. It's the first time in many years I bought more than the occassional paint pot from GW. I really recommend them. They give an immediate acceptable effect. Certainly not the same as the usual painting but it's so easy and fast to work with it creates a great opportunity to paint tons of unpainted lead I've hoarded over the years.
I designed this chapter over a decade ago. Some of you for sure will recognise the colors of Goldrake/Mazinger/Grendizer, a Japanese animated series extremely popular in late seventies Italy.
The great iron giants from the Dark Age of Technology.

I only discovered Goldrake when I first came to Italy, as Dutch television I grew up with was extremely child friendly. For us no Galaxy Express, Dem or Goldrake with their violence, creepy villains and dystopic backgrounds. Sometimes even nudity! 
Heidi, Remì and the Robinson family we had. Not even Kenshiro, the Fist of the Northstar, introduced to us only in the early 90s through expensive Japanese VHS imports.