Thursday 14 October 2021

Alien Marauders

 Many years ago I converted some of the 3rd edition 40K Dark Eldar.
I disliked the original designs but they came in the box so I had quite a few.

This was several years before the new versions by Jes Goodwin were released. Before facebook in fact, thinking of it. I remember I had a gallery on Displaced Miniatures where a crappy picture of these conversions unexpectedly reached several thousand visualisations. 

The idea was to make them look more menacing. A mix between Predator and Giger's Sil design from Species. Rogue Trader-esque Space elf raiders, or vampires, in chitinous carapace armour.  

This week I did them a little makeover. First I swapped some of the heads with Oathmark elven heads. Then all of them were roughly drybrushed with Wraithbone Contrast base colour. Then a dark brown mix of contrast paint resulting in a muted, slightly translucent effect.
Two guys have oddly coloured hair, blue and green for a bit of a Manga effect.


Suber said...

I really like your work here; you made them not so obviously over the top, which was the right choice, I think. They look terrific!

area23 said...

Thank you!

Wojciech Krzyminski said...

They look properly nasty! I like them.