Tuesday 12 April 2022

Marauder Platoon completed

 The basic Marauder platoon is more or less finished for now. 

First the second command group, Queen Selma and entourage.
In good pulpy 70's anime style, the queen is a blonde human woman commanding the blue aliens. 
An android bodyguard, a protocol droid and two minions.
The queens head is from a frostgrave kit while the alien grey head is from an old resin Fenryll miniature.

I repainted some of my old scratch build eldar grav tanks. The camo pattern was made using masking tape and dark grey and dark brown spraypaint. Afterwards I used red contrast paint over the original  pale green for a dirty, rusty effect.
Colours loosely inspired by Firefly Reavers of course.

Chaos and space-wolf decals and acrylic pens for the details. 
I only had satin/semi-gloss varnish so the are a bit too shiny at the moment.

So here's the entire army for now.
Note the queen's retinue is variable. Here she's accompanied by a hunter-alien and a renegade space marine officer.

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Suber said...

These are cool. I always have toyed with the idea of doing some mouse vehicles, yours are quite inspiring!