Wednesday 7 February 2024

The lady of Ypres

 I made a new, trench themed, photo backdrop.
The first test picture I did with this old GW banshee that I painted some years ago. The Lady of Ypres, a terrifying manifestation of the anger and despair and tens of thousands of dead soldiers on the Belgian front.

Contrast paint, Vallejo pale grey wash and white highligts.

I finished painting this Crimean War russian officer. Swapped heads with a plastic Oathmark elf head.

A revenant. An undead or half-dead type. He could even be a vampire but I don't think so.

I newly painted these mole men. 
With their weird snout they are actually star-nosed moles. "[...] a small semiaquatic mole found in moist, low elevation areas in the northern parts of North America." So it really doesn't make any sense at all to find these in the trenches of the Western Front. Unless your name is Jeff Bezos.
Clearly the picture must be from after April 1917.

Here a picture of the backdrop

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Suber said...

That's pretty nice! The backdrop is really useful, and I love the minis :)