Saturday 14 November 2020

Evil Undead

Amazingly a new post, first time since March.

Didn't do too much but enough to post. 

I finished my Dark Ages chaos warriors. Half of the group I did years ago, when Frostgrave came out. These are nine warriors in 11th century armour. Adding a leader it will be a perfect unit for Oathmark. Possibly chaos armour, grown into the bodies of these damned knights.

The idea is that in a setting with a 5th century dark age technological level, elves and dwarves have better armour. Resembling Norman armour more or less. At which point Chaos Warriors in magical chaos armour may have their entire body covered in chainmail.

 With a new Oathmark supplement released covering the Undead I dug up some old stuff and painted some new things.

And old Grenadier zombie barbarian makes a great Revenant King

But there's also old Slough Feg, an old Fantasy Forge miniature. It was supposed to be part of a Slaìne range that never got released. Available from North Star.

This morning I painted some maniac ghouls. All Citadel contrast paints as they are test models. I absolutely love the concept of ghouls. Insane, degenerate inbred cannibals. The concept of degenerate men seems to have been a trend in the early 20th century.

Lovecrafts ghouls, Edgar Rice Burroughs' apemen of Opar, Tolkien's orcs, Robert E. Howard's Bran Mok Morn Picts, Morlocks... In the end it seems they're all tapping from the same concept or metaphore implying moral degeneration leads to physical degeneration. Or uglyness and physical impurity is a sign of moral decline.

Something like that. In any case there aren't any ghoul miniatures that I really like. Believe me I've searched everywhere. So in the end I decided to settle with naked human fanatics. I'm a rather childish guy and the idea of hordes of naked men makes me laugh. These are test figures. For a full unit I will use Foundry naked Spartan hoplites, tribal africans and ancient germans. I tried to paint these as sickly and disgusting as possible.

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