Thursday 8 June 2023

The Zeon Heresy

 It's been a while since I posted here. I didn't paint any miniatures until last week.
Since january though I have a sperate Instagram account (@ferenczminis) where I post stuff. Old stuff mostly, reposting pictures from the last fifteen years on this blog. I quite enjoy it especially because there's a direct connection with people I know from Frothers', Lead Adventure and Blogspot.

On to the miniatures!

Here are the Zaku power armoured suits of the separatist Zeon Marines.

Of course these are ancient Space Crusade marines. I suppose I traded them with my mate in middle school about 35 years ago. they're weird sculpts. I remember I didn't like them at all when the game was released. I much preferred the beakies and I didn't get this new design. months or a year later GW released the mark 6 marines by Jes Goodwin, concept art by John Blanche and after 2nd Ed 40K had the monopose marines based on the same idea.

The idea of using these colours of the bad guys from Gundam I only got some months ago. Being slightly taller, with helmets and shoulder pads quite different than the 2nd ed ones, these could easily be the troopers of a small separatist empire. Using the same STC designs but slightly modified. I already had painted some of the mark 6 ones in Goldrake colours and they could by perfect enemies. Man against Man, Marine against Marine. The Horus Heresy with Manga colours.

I also finished painting their enemies the Grendizer Marines. Boring as hell paint-by-numbers but strangely relaxing. With contrast paint it was quick enough.

I also rebased some old conversions tu use shocktroops with the Grendizers. West Wind german falschirmjager heads I painted many years ago. Space nazis like the Zeon baddies but from the other side.



Suber said...

It's always a pleasure to see those Space Crusade marines, but I have to say the last guys are really something, I love the conversion! Pretty clever stuff!

Shaun said...

slacker A42 ;-)

demi_morgana said...

They look great but those Fallout-style posters do the job with pics! 😁

area23 said...

cheers guys!

@Suber: I took the idea of putting heads on top of cut up marines from Ramshackle.

@Shaun: Yea I know. :D

@Demi_Morgana: I love collecting posters for backdrops. I should make a new one though.

(Kym) + Warburton + (Classic40K) said...

They look good to me - nice work!