Monday 18 December 2023

Great wolf-chieftain

The last couple of weeks I've been painting again.

I dug out my oathmark goblins and some separate sprues I got from North Star some time ago.

I finally assembled the entire box of goblins but I also made some half orcs and snaga.
The half orcs are from an Orc sprue but with Frotsgrave cultist heads. 
The models are too big for Middle Earth orcs but they're nice figures. With the headswaps I think they look great. I think it's a very versatile kit.
I used the leftover arms to toughen up two goblin characters. The heads will be used to make armourde goblin men with axes.

Sarumans goblin men scouts and woodcutters. Some who survived the defeat of Saruman maybe ended up as Sharky's ruffians.

The snaga trackers are frome the goblin slave sprue but with standard goblin archer arms.

Last year when I was packing up to move house I found this old G.I. Joe wolf in a box. It's huge compared to a 28mm figure but detailed enough to paint. I found a turorial how to paint wolves. I discovered they aren't grey at all!

Great wolf-chieftain Gmork. The orcs affectionately call him Two-socks.

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