Thursday 25 January 2024


 Some weeks ago I painted these goblin and halforcs. After
my succesful experiment painting wolf pelt I wanted to see if it worked the same on cloaks.

I stripped and repainted this old Grenadier barbarian. A Fantasy Warriors miniature by Mark Copplestone painted as a half orc beastmaster of some sort. The werewolves got a touch-up too.

Goblin shaman with fox pelt.

Goblin shamans aren't real magicians. Their sorceror overlord would never tolerate that. 
Using smoke, pyrotechnics and hallucinogenic herbs they serve their goblin king. Pretending to be soothsayers they provide special effects to impress their subjects and help keep potential usurpers and other rivalling and over ambitious goblins in line.

Copplestone goblin for Oathmark.

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